Frequently Asked Questions

Could I obtain an auto loan even in the event I've bad credit?
Absolutely! This is our specialty at Sacto Motors. Our Second Chance Program is designed for just that. We work with a large network of partners that are experts in helping those that have unfavorable credit ratings buy a car or truck. Regardless of if you've been denied in the past, we suggest you to fill out an application again with us. There is no social security number needed and a quick pre qualification through the link below will not affect your credit. 

What if I'm Self Employed?
Being self employed in most cases is not a problem.

What if I have a trade in?
Trade ins are welcome - running or not. Whether you owe money or have clear title we can help.

What if I have had a repossession or a bankruptcy?
Many of our customers have had repossessions and bankruptcies in the past Our Business Is Helping You, The Customer, Re-Establish Credit with our Second Chance Program we work with many banks that specialize in bad or no credit

What if I don’t have money to put down?
Depending on your entire situation, we have many lenders that allow you to put ZERO dollars down. Let us see what we can do for you.

What if I have a new job?
We have lenders that will approve loans with as little as 2 weeks on the job! or one paystub

What if I'm Disabled or on Social Security?
Nearly all of our lenders welcome customers on a fixed income.

How much income must I have?
The usual minimum income required is about 1200 per mo. But varies from lender to lender. Let us help you

Do you report to the major credit reporting agencies?
All of our loans are 100% bank financed and all of our lenders report to the major credit reporting agencies. Which will help you improve your credit as long as you pay your new loan on time

What if I'm a first time buyer?
We have MANY programs for first time buyers.

What if I owe more on my trade that it is worth?
In most cases we can get a little extra help from the bank to overcome negative equity. Let us see if we can structure a deal to help you!

How much will my monthly payment be?
That depends on your situation. Our lenders specialize in looking at many factors to provide you with an affordable payment. Remember, they want you to be successful in repaying your loan!

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